Hi I'm Katie. I'm addicted to creating! If I'm not in my studio surrounded by piles of fabric with beads spilling out of tubes covering my desk then I'm counting down to the moment i can be!

I grew up with an artistic influence from my artist dad. He would paint abstract art and encourage me to do the same and i found it fascinating that there didn't need to be any rules, just go for it and see what happens! That's pretty much how i work as a creative today.  I'm a little bit chaotic and get excited by all of the possibilities. 

In 2013 i made the best decision of my life to enrol in a millinery course at MFI in Melbourne.  I didn't even know what a thimble was for at this stage but i persisted with learning the skill on offer which eventually progressed to experimenting with creating textile jewellery.  

I'm one of those people fascinated by textures, when i go to a clothing or homewares store i need to touch all the fabrics!

Details matter to me the most and I'm constantly thinking about ways to create new and interesting textures using unusual materials. It brings me the greatest joy to run my fingertips over what I've just created. I'm a bit loopy but it's my absolute passion!

I create a wide range of accessories, from bridal millinery to bold earrings or simple little fabric studs. Something for everyone!

My goal is to offer you a piece of wearable art that you will treasure forever. Something unlike anything you've seen before, to be bold and express yourself through your accessories. I want you to feel and look awesome!

I do custom creations too so please don't hesitate to get in touch.